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New High-Resolution Textures Updated

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Took some new high-resolution texture photos during my Vegas trip and my stop at a Ghost Town on the way home. The newest are at the bottom of each texture category. They are in both JPG and RAW (CR2) format. Enjoy!


// Jacob

Treasure Island Siren and Pirate Ship Photos

Monday, August 25th, 2008

Some more fun photos from Vegas — mostly from Treasure Island. I didn’t get to hang out to watch the show, but got a quick snap before Security could tackle me. :)

(Skull is actually from The Venetian, not from Treasure Island, but it looks cool ;)). The Siren motorcycle below is.



// Jacob

Siegfried and Roy – Secret Garden Photos

Monday, August 25th, 2008

If I had to pick a favorite animal, it’d be Wolves. If I had to pick a favorite animal to photograph, I’d have to say it’s big cats (though that’s not really considered an animal but rather a category, isn’t it? ;))

I visited The Secret Garden twice while I was in Vegas. If you have never been and ever head to Vegas, it’s worth checking out. The second time I was able to get some shots of the cubs since it was crowded the first day. The trainer said if I arrived 30 minutes later they’d all be sleeping, but fortunately I caught them while they were playing. Enjoy!

// Jacob

New Photos & Textures Soon

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Getting ready to post quite a few photos over the next week, starting tonight and tomorrow. I visited Vegas for about 6 days. The Forum Shops and The Venetian quickly became my favorite spots for photos though I wish I could have spent some more time at them.

Since I drove back to San Diego from Las Vegas, I also stopped by the ghost town named Calico, where I took quite a few textures of rock, wood and rusted objects such as safes. You’ll see those soon as well. I was dying of heat out there!

Keep an eye on for the update.


// Jacob