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2007 Web Design Survey by A List Apart

I found this off of my friend Scott Fegette’s blogA List Apart is holding an annual survey for the web design market with hopes to get more aggregate data on the topic of Web Design (design, development, project management, writing, editing, information architecture, usability, etc.). It appears they are also going to be releasing this information after May 22nd, 2007, so it’s definitely worth participating in. If that didn’t convince you to participate, they are randomly drawing for some prizes including one free ticket to An Event Apart event held in the continental U.S.; an Apple 30GB iPod, An Event Apart jump drive, or A List Apart T-shirt.

// Jacob

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  1. Stylish Web Design Says:

    Stumbled across this post and found the survey. Thanks for that.. I wonder if the stats will actually be of any use tho? You know what they say…. :)

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